Danlea Projects has a team of qualified electricians that are equip to do a wide range of work, including installation of extractor fans and underfloor heating. We also supply and install prepaid meters.


Prepaid Meters

Prepaid meters are a fast growing trend in South-Africa. They promote free play in electricity usage as you only pay for the amount that you consume.

Characteristics of the electrical meters installed by Danlea projects include the following:

* Token Generation – 24 Hours, 7 Days a week, 365 days a year via SMS, WAP, IVR, WEB and PRINT

* Credit purchases – 24 Hour credit purchase via: Shops, online payment Credit Card, ATM’s, EFT, Cell phone banking

* Triple Tamper Detection – Meter and software tamper detection through tracking and reporting and security seals.

* Additional Payment Collections – Arrears and levy collections

* 2 Management Options – Self managed and outsourced managed.

* Management and Meter User Access – Anywhere anytime access via SMS, WAP and WEB

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